blocked by an invisible force.

It seemed that the door to the starry sky was one-way, and he could only come across, but he couldn’t make it through himself.
Just as Ren Xiaosu was thinking about it, the scary creature’s eyes opened suddenly, and in his yellowish amber eyes, there was a vertical pupil that looked like an abyss!
Those eyes were fixed on Ren Xiaosu, but there was no roar or next move.
Ren Xiaosu stepped back four or five steps in shock, and at the same time closed the door to the starry sky.
“Is this really a creature in another world?” Ren Xiaosu muttered to himself with lingering fears. He thought that even during the catastrophe, radiation pollution would not give birth to such a terrifying thing, right?
And the problem with her own summoning technique is too big, Xiaomei summoned a creature of the same size as the starry sky gate, how come to her, a creature that is several times larger than the starry sky gate appeared?
After thinking about it, I don’t know why Ren Xiaosu suddenly felt that the creature was a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember where 西安品茶网 he had seen each other.
This feeling is too strange.
In the night sky, a huge Costin was quickly approaching the camp where Qian Weining and others were located, and its sharp eyes stared at the humans by the bonfire below.
A hundred kilometers away, tens of thousands of troops of the Tudor Knights camped. In the sea-like camp, a brazier was set up every ten steps. The warm orange light swayed in the night, and from time to time there would be people in armor. Patrol soldiers shuttled back and forth.
In the camp, a camp tent sewn with canvas is a temporary dormitory for soldiers. Living in it will have a strange smell, because many places in the camp tent are smeared with sheep oil.
At the center of the camp, five or six huge tents looked a little abrupt, and patrolling soldiers would cast awe every time they passed by.
Because, 西安耍耍网 there is a real great wizard in every tent.
At this time, several wizards wer

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