gui and Sister Xiaoyu would not believe this kind of thing, and Yan Liuyuan would not tell their secrets casually.

Wang Fugui thought for a while and said, “Yes, as Xiaosu’s kid,西安桑拿按摩网 he must be a thousand years of harm.”
However, at this moment, Wang Fugui suddenly felt a bit cold in his back. Wang Fugui pressed down his doubts in his heart and lowered his voice to Yan. Liu Yuan and Sister Xiaoyu said, 西安桑拿夜网 “You have been careful recently. If you want to leave the market town, just tell me. I will help you figure out a solution. I think these people may not be directed at you, but at Ren Xiaosu. ”
Wang Fugui is a personal spirit. After thinking about it, he feels that the people at the door are like a net, waiting for someone to join the net.
Zhang Jinglin has already been sent away. Who else is the goal of this net besides Ren Xiaosu?
“They want to arrest Ren Xiaosu? Why?” Sister Xiaoyu almost exclaimed.
After thinking about it for a long time, Wang Fugui suddenly said, “Don’t let Ren Xiaosu in the Jingshan bring disaster to the barrier team again, right?! It’s very possible!”
However, Wang Fugui’s vision is still in sight, and Ren Xiaosu is not just that. Misfortune to those in the band, and also to the Qing family consortium. 西安耍耍网
At this time, Qing Zhen is standing on a certain hillside with a helpless expression: “When will I go back to the 112 barrier?!”
Xu Ha Exclaimed: “Boss, even you are starting to speak swear words.”
Qing Zhen became melancholy: “The design is broken!”
Asking for a recommendation ticket
101, leaving barrier No. 113
Just as Wang Fugui and the others were talking, they suddenly heard the market town. When the noise started, Wang Fugui walked out of the school curiously: “What is this moth?”
He also felt that something was wrong in an instant, and the sky gradually became gloomy.
The haze in the sky didn’t turn from white to black, but gradually turned into a strange dark yellow, and the wind rose.
The refugees in the market town all came to the street wi

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